Best Free Interior Design Software

Design your interior according to your dream is easy nowadays as technology has gifted us with so many opportunities. You can have a virtual look or idea of your design before actually installing it at your place. With this, you can make any change, upgrade it, even you would know if it fits in your interior or not.

That’s why we have made an exclusive list of the five best free interior design software of 2020 that can satisfy you with exactly what you want.

Sketch Up:

We can say the first one in this list should be undoubtedly Sketch Up because of its free feature and flexibility. According to its name, it will let you draw with your hand. Again, as it is an online web application, there’s no need to download it.

They also have three paid versions with desktop software: Shop, Pro and Studio. However, it’s web feature enables a great use for both Windows and Mac users. One can sketch 2D format of the design and then convert it into a 3D model. They also help the users to learn the basics of 3D modeling. So, it’ll be like a piece of cake for you.

You can upload and download different types of graphic files here and be satisfied with unlimited cloud storage for project sharing.

Floor planner

One can import a current drawing or start without any preparation utilizing the product’s easy and user-friendly intuitive interface. There is a large and rich library of 3D objects and furniture which you can use in any design. Their Magic Layout option will let you have a decoration of a full room with just one click. Another option rapidly changes over a 2D floor arrangement into a 3D model, total with flexible camera edges and lighting. You can likewise trade a photorealistic shot of any room and make intuitive and 3D floor flythroughs for customers.

Floor Planner offers three types of plans including a free one. So, it’s up to you to choose the right one for you.

Smart Draw

This is a software which is both beginner and expert friendly. You can start with the exclusive Quick-Start floor plan templates they offer. You can also change those templates according to your choice quickly and easily.

You can use common standard architecture scales and change the scale whenever you need it in this software. This is extremely interesting because only advanced computer-aided design software provides this feature. Smart Draw also make it easy to share and collaborate on any project so that you can work in a team.

However, both of their plans are paid though you can use the seven days free trial for your one-time design work.

Home By Me

This software was built with the intention of designing floor plans easily. You can build a 2D floor plan quickly and then convert them into photorealistic 3D models through just a web browser. Sounds cool, huh?

Home By Me will allow you to draw a floor plan with its pencil drawing tool or even you can scan a floor plan with entering the size of the room. Then from their exclusive catalog of products, you can choose windows and doors and add them accordingly. They also offer different types of floor coverings, paint and wallpaper, even plants, vases and pillows to decorate your room.

You will have access to rotate the views and move the objects around easily after converting it to the 3D model. They offer a free plan and two other paid plans.

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