Best Free Interior Design Apps

What can be more interesting if you can have a look of your interior with the design you wanted virtually with just your smartphone?

Yes, the best free interior design apps will let you have that. Even if you don’t exactly know how to decorate, these apps can help you, suggest you with plans and guide you to find the right designer for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive right into it!                          


A strong professional network is necessary when you decide to decorate your interior and that is the best part of this app. They have a good reputation of providing the service of planning and preparing for home remodeling design and the access of professional help with the marketplace for home decor products.

Moreover, the users can discuss among themselves about their problems and share their experiences as well as advice.

Magic Plan

This one can be said the most user-friendly app for anyone. You will find many floor planning apps there, but the experience you get from this app is really amazing. This app will let you make floor plans based on your existing room. For the detailed and realistic planning, they have their feature of including electrical outlets, flooring types, materials and other things.

They also allow plans for renovations. After creating a complete plan you can download the floor plan as a PDF file and also have a 3D model of it through email.

Project Color by Home Depot

When it comes to the point of painting your walls according to your dreamy interior you should choose none other than this Project Color by Home Depot app. They will allow you to explore various color swatches along with the preview of the wall with that paint on and with the combination by just clicking one photo of the wall.

This may not give you the best-augmented reality experience but you will get an idea of how it would look like with your preferred combination. Even if choose any color from your clothing, plant or anything you can take a photo of it and this app can provide you with the closest color option which you will find at Home Depot store.

Ikea Place

This app has an extraordinary feature of augmented reality which allows you to place the Ikea furniture virtually to see how it would look like if you are in the room. Because the focus is on where the user is.

Even, if you have any product of Ikea but can’t figure it out you can simply capture a photo of that and this app will search it on their Ikea catalog to find it and get you the description. It’s not necessary to buy their products but you can get an idea of their size and how they would fit in your room using this app.

Design Home

Designing your interior is fun if you design using this app. Whether it’s a new design or a renovation, if you are not a professional, you would like to have some ideas of designs through this app.

You will get to use the actual furniture from top brands like Lexington, DWR, Cynthia Rowley and design the interior accordingly. They work on a challenge basis, you have to tackle those challenges to complete it. Initially, they would provide you with some fake budget to spend on decor, then eventually you can earn play money for the next challenge. This is real fun.

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